What About the Food?


“good stuff in means good stuff out.”

My food philosophy is simple: good stuff in means good stuff out. I struggled for years to find the right balance of the desire for healthy eating and the reality of a busy family life - even after having all the knowledge a degree and certification in nutrition could afford me. I had the information but making that initial step to be prepared and stick to it is the hardest part.

All that came to a head for me after having that third precious little girl in the picture above. Three kids in four years is hard on a body and 8 months after giving birth to my third baby, I was feeling the consequences of years of not putting enough good stuff in. After an uneventful pregnancy and smooth birth, it was the postpartum period that had me in shambles - I was still way above my pre-pregnancy weight, I was exhausted despite a full night’s sleep, and I had no energy and a crazy inability to concentrate and retain information. I was devastated. I knew so much about health, wellness, and nutrition, and I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to get it right in my own life.

Through a couple of interventions - seeing a functional medicine doctor to check out everything that was going on with my body and hormones, replacing my intense exercise routine with something less stressful and more restful, and digging into cooking, meal planning and systematic grocery shopping - I was able to lose the baby weight, gain more energy, and feel better than I have since having my first baby in 2014.

As I've spent time focused on curating our family's meal plans and grocery lists and prepped and succeeded and failed, my friends and family took notice and I started sharing with some of you along the way. It felt motivating to have some accountability and so I decided to share my approach with a wider audience.

I'm not a chef, not a recipe developer, and not as consistent as I'd like to be in my eating and cooking, but I love to research, learn and try new things, and what we do at my house is a real representation of a busy family doing our best. I hope this site will give you some inspiration for cooking, meal planning, and healthfully feeding yourselves and your families.


After several years in private practice, I elected to be a full time mom after the birth of my 3rd child. This project has become my outlet, but I have missed working with clients one-on-one. I am currently accepting new clients and custom meal plan requests so if you think I may be a good fit for the change you want to make, please fill out the form below and we’ll get our conversation started!

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